Fishing Sim World PC Game Download Full Version

Name: Fishing Sim World
Year of release: September 18, 2018
Genre: Fishing, Simulation, Sport
Developer: Dovetail Games
Publisher: Dovetail Games – Fishing
Platform: PC
Edition type: RePack
Interface language: Russian
Voice Language: English
Tablet: Enclosing (CODEX)

Fishing Sim World is the most authentic fishing simulator, it will take you all over the world on a unique fishing trip. Feel the rush of fishing a trophy perch and the thrill of fighting huge tents and pikes. Fishing Sim World perfectly combines a realistic physics and a rigorous AI to create an authentic fishing experience that will hook you. Demonstrate your fisherman skills as you explore two great lakes of seabass in the USA. UU in Florida and New York and five in Europe, including the famous Gigantica Main Lake in France and a challenging stretch of the Grand Union Canal in the United Kingdom.

Fishing Sim World Gameplay


Game features

▪ Perch fishing. Choose a spinning or multiplier reel and rod to it, and then the perfect bait without leaving the boat.
▪ Catching carp and freshwater non-axial. Try your hand at fishing with a float, fishing with a bait or with a pike for spinning.
▪ Different types of fish. You will meet 18 different types of fish – all with their AI and behavioral patterns.
▪ Fishing gear. Choose from hundreds of different combinations of rods, reels and lures, including licensed gear from leading North American and European manufacturers.
▪ Places. You will find 7 different and in their own way special fishing places: from the huge North American lakes to picturesque places in Europe.
▪ Boats. Go out to the water in your own boat, turn on the sonar and find the perfect place for fishing.
▪ Changing weather. Choose the right gear and place on the lake depending on the circumstances. Be prepared to change tactics when the weather changes!
▪ Tournaments and online play. Participate in online tournaments and walk from the novice fisherman to the champion, rising to the top of our international honor tables, and compete with friends and like-minded people in online competitions to hone your competitive skills.
▪ Fishing adventure. From beginner to pro fisherman – develop your skills, improve equipment, learn every fishing spot to beat your friends in the multiplayer and online tournaments.
▪ Beautiful views. Seven unique lakes, including the Lake Boulder glacial lake in New York State and the sun-drenched Lake Johnson lake in Florida and five European fishing spots, including the famous Gigantica Main Lake in France and the giant canal in the UK, if you choose your prey monstrous pike.
▪ Fully licensed. Some of the largest North American and European companies in the fishing industry include Bass Cat Boats, Rat L Trap, Duckett, Korda, Delkim and Mainline Baits.

PC Requirements

CPU: Info.
CPU SPEED: Quad-Core 3.5 Ghz.
OS: Windows 7 64bit / 8 64bit.
VIDEO CARD: Graphics Card with 2 GB Video RAM: Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 or equivalent.

Fishing Sim World Full Version PC Game


Repack Features

»Based on the release from CODEX
»No cut / No recoded
»Game archives are not opened
” Addition:
Fishing Sim World: Pre-order Content
Fishing Sim World: Deluxe Pack Fishing Sim World: Lake Williams
Fishing Sim World: Lake Arnold
Fishing Sim World: Jezioro Bestii
Fishing Sim World: Quad Lake Pass
“Installation time 10 minutes on HDD (Varies with computer)
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