Endless Space 2: Digital Deluxe Edition PC Game Download

Name: Endless Space 2
Year of release: May 18, 2017
Genre: Strategy, TBS, Real-Time, 3D
Developer: Amplitude Studios
Publisher: SEGA
Platform: PC
Edition type: RePack
Interface language: Russian, English
Voice Language: English
Tablet: Enclosing (CODEX)

In Endless Space 2 you have to become the ruler of a whole civilization and lead it to the distant cold depths of space. Explore the mysterious star systems, reveal the secrets of the ancient races, learn the technology of unimaginable power and, of course, new forms of life. To declare war on them or make peace is up to you. Get control of new systems, building outposts in them, and turn your planets into fearful star fortresses or fabulous utopias full of extraordinary wonders. Train your heroes. These admirals, governors, and powerful senators will lead the people of your empire and do everything to make your galactic civilization flourish. Discover the history of each civilization, from Sofonov with their distraught artificial intelligence to Lumeris, whose traditional families are faced with an ambitious young upstart. Find out where the Eaters came from – the deadly creation of the Eternal. Learn more about the Heretic, the mysterious and powerful hero pursued by Vodyan … The galaxy will belong to the one who controls Dust and knows all its secrets … but were there Eternal alone in this galaxy? Where did the dust come from? Are the rumors about a secret organization that calls itself an Academy?

Endless Space 2: Digital Deluxe Edition Gameplay


Game features

▪ The galaxy generator was completely redesigned to allow the creation of unique star systems and wonders for research, various planets for colonization, various resources for accumulation, Dust secrets and new life forms for conquering and various anomalies for studying
▪ Capture new systems by setting up outposts and turn your planets into awesome star fortresses or magnificent utopias full of wonders. Train your heroes and they will become admirals of cosmoflots, governors of star systems or influential senators who will be followed by your people and thanks to which your civilization will flourish
▪ Collect Dust, strategic resources and luxury goods to trade in markets, discover new incredible technologies, and be one step ahead of competitors with corporations and diplomacy
▪ Design your ships, create fleets and carefully plan the course of battles to fight up to seven opponents in online battles. See how epic battles unfold and improve your strategy for future battles.
▪ Learn the history of each civilization, discover the secrets of the ancients and their heritage. Find legendary heroes and secret societies. The galaxy will be ruled by those who reveal its secrets.
▪ Press the Space key to activate the Enhanced Reality mode at any time and open detailed information about your systems, trade routes, diplomacy and each ship.

PC Requirements

Operating system: Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 (64-bit only!)
Processor: i3 4th generation / i5 2nd generation / A6 series
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon 5800 series / NVidia 550Ti
Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX® 11
Free space on hard disk: 13 GB

Endless Space 2: Digital Deluxe Edition Full Version PC Game

Repack Features

»Based on the release from CODEX
»No cut / No recoded
»Game archives are not opened
“Game version: 1.4.2.S5
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»Label for changing the language on the desktop
»Installation time 3 minutes per HDD (Varies with computer)
»Repack by xatab